2014 Festival

Thanks to Thomas Robinson for creating the following short film shot during the 2014 T-junction festival.

The first T-junction festival, which took place in October 2014, included poets from Syria, Zimbabwe, Finland, Macedonia, Serbia and Palestine.   You can download the 2014 festival brochure below.

T-junction 2014 Festival Brochure

What they said...


I think you’ve achieved something really big. I hope our paths cross again very soon.

Víctor Rodriquez Nunez, Cuba


My long trip and complicated visa procedures couldn't overshadow the light I got inside from the poems I heard and Middlesbrough’s warm hospitality.

Nikola Madzirov. Macedonia


Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to be part of the T-junction festival.

Amir Darwish, Syria


It's impossible to do anything well if the context and the audience don't inspire you. Thank you T-junction!

Jaan Malin (Estonia)


It was truly a great festival. I liked particularly the fact that we went straight to the core of poetry. There was none of the usual murmur about how books don't sell or people don't read. We talked about the essence of poetry & poems, translations, politics of poetry etc. It was a real pleasure to be a part of it.

Riina Katajavuori (Finland)


That was brilliant. A proper new festival. Viva T-Junction!

Bill Herbert, North Shields


The Festival was an incredibly affirming experience. I know that it has given the local poetry scene an immensely valuable boost, enlarging horizons and indicating new possibilities. On the morning after the Festival, even though I was still so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open, I found that words were pouring out of me almost faster than I could write them down!

Margaret Williams, Middlesbrough


I had a brilliant weekend, and I came away with a very good sense of the extraordinary NE literary scene, which was a revelation for me. I’ve been thinking about M’bro all week, and the pride and the heritage of the town. It’s a moving place.

Sasha Dugdale, Sussex


T Junction was a triumph!  I was very happy to be part of it. I really enjoyed the weekend – getting to know the other poets and their work. But it’ll all take a while to process, to digest properly – such rich fare!

Linda France, Northumbria


Thanks for inviting me to participate in T Junction. I thought it was a fantastic festival – so lovely to meet the other poets and the organisers who were very welcoming.

Hannah Lowe, London


All the students had a lot of fun learning about poetry and seeing it as something real and modern rather than just anthology work for the examination.

Sarah Colabella, Macmillan Academy


The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very inspired by the end.

Caroline Gaydon, Stockton Riverside College